Request a WeCare Tote

WeCare packages contain resources to help support an individual or family with the loss of a loved one to suicide. WeCare Packages were founded from the loving efforts of parents who lost children to suicide. It was important to these parents to let others know they are not alone in their loss and grief.

WeCare packages continue to include comforting touches from people in the community who have experienced the suicide loss of a loved one. These packages evolved to help suicide loss survivors and they contain useful resource material and supportive reading selections that align with safe messaging recommendations. WeCare Package resource materials are generalized to be easily distributed throughout Pueblo but can be customized. Each WeCare package includes the following resources to navigate this journey: two books, a journal, a pen, information on ways to connect with other loss survivors and organizations, a handmade gift, and a canvas tote bag. *Often we are able to include a book designed specifically for the sibling(s) of the lost loved one living in the home; please specify on the form below if there is a sibling directly affected living in the recipient’s home.

SPCPC is able to provide One WeCare Package per survivor of suicide loss household at no cost. This is made possible through generous community donations, organizational partners, and sponsorships. Donations to support the program are greatly appreciated. An organization wishing to have multiple packages on hand to distribute to their community may submit a request to purchase a specific quantity. Value of each package is $50.

If you would like to make a financial donation to cover the cost of 1 or more WeCare Packages you can do so here.